We support all cost as well as quality sensitive airlines/operators who are interested to have a reliable station management on site.

+ Using our services means to avoid investments in personnel and infrastructure!

+ Using our services means to archive, at least, the same goals as you may archive with own staff!

+ Working with us means, have the most reliable and efficient local representative for your company!


Station management is our core business, we support your customers, we supervise your suppliers, we have a close look on your local costs, we have a close relation to the authorities and, if you wish, we take care about your local sales as well.


Our activities for all Airlines or Operators:


Station Management starting from

 + pre-station activities, like traffic right negotiations

 + via the whole range of station responsibilities/duties till

 + cost control and tax reconciliation,

with optional

Contracting Services as:

 + Fuelling

 + Ground Handling

 + Catering

 + Cleaning

 + technical Services

 + Maintenance

 + Newspaper and Consumables

 + Lounge and Facilities

 + Transport

 + Crew Hotac


We also provide the full range of Flight Supervision including:

 + flight preparation

 + delay management

 + post flight reporting

 + taxes and ticket reconciliation

 + Ticket/MCO/XBag sales


We also take, with a dedicated team of specialist, care of:

+ specialized PRM services

+ MAAS services

+ VIP services


Do you have a sick station manager or lack of station staff?

If you need temporary support at any station, we are able to support you as well.


Joint Station Management - the best solution for YOUR station!